Recipes for Wellbeing aims to create and spread a culture of wellbeing in the field of changemaking. Our online platform helps you evaluate your level of wellbeing and provides you with a diverse collection of recipes to cultivate wellbeing in your everyday work and life.

If you want to take your commitment to wellbeing to the next level, you can join one of our in-person wellbeing retreats for changemakers and their organisations.

The need for wellbeing

An increasing amount of research points to the rising levels of burnout for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. Reaching this point of extreme physical and emotional fatigue inhibits changemakers’ ability to thrive and to create positive change in the world.

Recipes for Wellbeing focuses on three core causes:

  1. ‘Hero-preneurial’ mindset of changemakers. Changemakers tend to put others before themselves. This way of being and acting in the world is perfectly understandable when one looks around and sees all of the global crises our modern society faces. If not us, who? If not now, when? However, this hero-preneurial mindset takes its toll on the changemakers themselves, ultimately preventing them from fulfilling their potential.
  2. Lack of organisational commitment to wellbeing. Personal and organisational wellbeing is often compromised for financial sustainability or business development, for instance. Unfortunately, many organisations take a passive stance towards wellbeing and do not hesitate to give priority to traditional business tasks.
  3. Wellbeing taboo. Talking about burnout, wellbeing and mental health is still considered taboo in many changemaking circles. But it is like Pandora’s box: once a few changemakers find the courage to share their story, they realise they are not the only ones who have been struggling to cope with the feeling of having the entire world’s problems bearing down on their shoulders.

If left unaddressed, this lack of wellbeing for changemakers will thwart their ability to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Culture of wellbeing

Recipes for Wellbeing aims to create and spread a culture of wellbeing in the field of changemaking. Our work will facilitate changes on two levels primarily:

  1. The individual. We invite changemakers to make wellbeing one of their key priorities to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives – in work and outside, too. By providing them with an array of tools and resources to cultivate wellbeing in their everyday life, changemakers will be better equipped to lead more balanced lives, and to cope with difficult situations.
  2. The organisation. Changemakers who are leading a happy and healthy life are more likely to have the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual space and ability to engage in work that creates a positive impact for people and planet. By encouraging changemakers to reclaim the need to focus on individual and organisational wellbeing, we help them become more effective in their efforts to create a better world.

These two levels are interrelated and build on top of each other, insofar as neuroscience shows that “doing good feels good”. Various studies show that people who engage in meaningful work where they support others are happier than those who engage in merely selfish work. This creates a positive feedback loop, which, if practiced regularly, can rewire our brain to become happier people and more effective changemakers.

Wellbeing services

Recipes for Wellbeing offers two main services to changemakers and their organisations:

  1. Online platform. Changemakers can evaluate their level of wellbeing and access a diverse collection of recipes to cultivate wellbeing in their everyday work and life.
  2. In-person wellbeing retreats. Changemakers and their organisations can joined personalised wellbeing retreats to experience wellbeing first hand and learn ways to bring wellbeing back to their own organisations.