A holistic approach to wellbeing

Recipes for Wellbeing calls for a fundamental evolution in the support we offer to changemakers. In addition to the traditional focus on hard competences, we emphasise holistic wellbeing as an essential ingredient to an effective recipe for changemaking. Wellbeing through changemaking requires the whole inner world of mind, body, heart, and spirit to be aligned to individual and shared purpose.

Our core principles

  1. Accessible

We believe that ideas, tools, and resources for wellbeing should be open-sourced and accessible to anyone. For this reason, our wellbeing recipes are free to access to anyone who wishes to bring wellbeing to their life, organisations, and communities.

  1. Collaborative

We need to move away from the changemaking narrative centred around the individual – the heropreneur – towards a more inclusive concept of a collective effort to create a better world. Hence our focus to bring wellbeing to changemaking teams and organisations as collectives of positive change.

  1. Contextual

Wellbeing is a fluid, agile, and continuously evolving concept. Rather than offering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that risks missing out on the contextual nuances, we are committed to adapt our work to fit in different contexts.


Our positive impact

Recipes for Wellbeing brings about a boost of wellbeing in individual changemakers, in their teams, organisations, communities, and in society as a whole.

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The Recipes for Wellbeing retreat was such a transformative experience both personally and for the entire team. Wellbeing is such an important element in ensuring that social impact professionals are able to achieve their impact, and as we have learned the hard way, it doesn’t come naturally. So it is fundamental to have the kind of support and guidance that Recipes for Wellbeing provides integrated into an organisation’s development. (Naomi Ryland, The Changer and Berlin 2017 participant)