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Recipes for Wellbeing

What is a recipe for wellbeing?

In the same way a cookbook recipe takes you through the steps to prepare a particular dish, a wellbeing recipe guides you through a specific process to cultivate wellbeing in your everyday work and life. As with any cookbook, there are different kinds of recipes: starters, main courses, desserts, etc. but also quick-on-the-go options, or more elaborate alternatives.

Recipes for wellbeing model

There are a number of ways you can engage with our recipes for wellbeing: you may wish to follow a pre-selected category, which guarantees a balance among all recipes; or you may prefer to dig deep into the main courses; or else you may want to focus on a particular level of difficulty, based on your previous knowledge and experience.



Submit your own recipe for wellbeing!

We are always on the lookout for more recipes for wellbeing to create new menus and improve our current offer. If you have come across a great recipe for wellbeing, click this link to submit your recipe to us. If selected, we will add it to our website and credit you or whoever has come up with that activity.

  • Mind: Recipes that engage your mind and benefit your mental wellbeing.
  • Body: Recipes that engage your body and benefit your physical wellbeing.
  • Heart: Recipes that engage your hearth and benefit your emotional wellbeing.
  • Spirit: Recipes that engage your spirit and benefit your connection to your unique and deepest identity, as well as to the universal consciousness that animates the cosmos and everything in it.

Difficulty levels

  • Easy: Recipes that do not require any previous knowledge or experience of wellbeing.
  • Medium: Recipes that require some previous knowledge or experience of wellbeing.
  • Hard: Recipes that require extended knowledge or experience of wellbeing.


Whilst we do our best to prove the effectiveness of each recipe before we publish it on our website, we cannot guarantee it will work with everyone. Each of us is undertaking a unique journey, which means the impact of the recipes will differ depending on where we are in our individual and collective journeys.

We also do our best to acknowledge the sources for all our recipes, but this is not always possible. If you come across a recipe and know of its original source, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can add the relevant acknowledgment.