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Facilitator trainings

What is a facilitator training?

There is an important difference between cooking for yourself and your loved ones, and cooking in a restaurant for people that you may not know about their taste buds and personal preferences. Chefs must undergo training to develop the necessary cooking skills to appease their guests’ palates. And to reach the level of master chefs, capable of crafting whole new recipes and menus, they must constantly engage in more advanced training and practice to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

Likewise, we offer ongoing training opportunities for changemakers wishing to deepen their knowledge and experience of wellbeing and become wellbeing “chefs” and “master chefs” so that they may support the wellbeing of their teams, organisations, and communities in their changemaking journey.

Training for “wellbeing chefs” consists of intermediate emergent and personalised wellbeing retreats immersed in Nature lasting from 3 to 4 days. Wellbeing chefs will also receive carefully curated “wellbeing cookbooks” – accessible toolkits providing step-by-step guidelines on “how to organise your own wellbeing retreat” to host wellbeing retreats for their teams, communities, and organisations independently (without our facilitation). These cookbooks are adapted for different contexts.

Training for “wellbeing master chefs” consists of advanced emergent and personalised wellbeing retreats immersed in Nature lasting from 4 to 5 days. “Wellbeing master chefs” will be able to create new recipes, menus, and cookbooks – therefore increasing the variety of our offer to changemakers and their organisations. They will also be able to host wellbeing retreats to train “chefs” to become “master chefs”.

Join a facilitator training

At the moment there are no upcoming facilitator trainings. However, get in touch with us if you would like to express your interest and we will keep you informed on future retreats.

Everyone should invest in their wholebeing and I don’t know a better opportunity than the Recipes for Wellbeing retreat as it creates a safe space to connect with oneself and to others. (Janszky Babett, Santa Cruz 2017 participant)