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Wellbeing retreats

What is a wellbeing retreat?

When you go out for a meal, you look for more than merely satisfying your physiological need for food. You may be curious to taste new combinations of flavours, to savour new ingredients, to find new recipes to try out at home… overall, you are looking for an experience. Our wellbeing retreats offer similar experiences for individuals and their organisations to savour wellbeing.

We host emergent and personalised wellbeing retreats immersed in Nature lasting from 2.5 to 4 days for groups of individual changemakers or changemaker teams and organisations. These retreats allow participants to explore the different ingredients of wellbeing through our recipes, which they choose at the beginning of the retreat to meet their needs and fulfill their hopes. Participants also receive valuable insights into how to become “wellbeing cooks” able to create a wellbeing plan to incorporate in their life and work to sustain their wellbeing.

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Great professionalism and great heart: a mixture that is really hard to find and so fundamental to carry out any type of jobs. You have to join one of the Recipes for Wellbeing retreats! – Giulia Sergi (Ashoka Italy and Palermo 2016 participant)