Recipes for Wellbeing works towards shifting the culture of changemaking to include a focus on holistic wellbeing to enable anyone to contribute more effectively to creating positive change in the world.

We interpret wellbeing both as a catalyst for positive change in the world, and as the positive change in the world itself. We aim for changemakers to both experience wellbeing for themselves, and to spread wellbeing to their teams, societies, and to the whole world.

What is wellbeing?

Recipes for Wellbeing believes that focusing on wellbeing opens up a path towards achieving individual and collective flourishing – the ultimate goal of changemaking. Wellbeing is more than a good state of health in the absence of problems. It is a positive state of flourishing that means thriving and living to the fullest whilst creating positive impact in the world.

Wellbeing requires positive conditions in internal and external environments. Among external factors is the basic need to feel safe and secure – like health, housing, income, democratic society, and healthy environments. Internal factors meanwhile highlight our need to feel satisfied and valued, as well as connected and cared for. This includes how we relate to ourselves; how we connect to others; and how we engage with the wider world. We focus on internal factors as a leverage to positively impact external factors.

Wellbeing and changemaking

Changemakers are those acting for a purpose that serves other people and the planet. Their wellbeing no longer needs to be a heavy price for their efforts. This is particularly relevant to the historical moment of transition we are currently living in. A new paradigm is emerging, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of what it means to be human and urging us to reclaim a more interdependent and harmonious relationship with all life. But as with all transitions, this emerging paradigm is also highly uncertain, fragile, and volatile. Resistance to change is fierce, progress is pushed back by obstacles old and new alike, and across the world changemakers are spread thin.

Many changemakers feel misunderstood, alienated, and exhausted. The worsening of several global crises makes it difficult to maintain an optimistic mindset and balanced outlook for the future, which ultimately hinders their capacity to think exponentially and to innovate. The increasing speed at which the world is changing does not allow them to build the capacity for resilience as they push ourselves to work longer and harder in emotionally charged environments. The lack of recognition and reward, and the widespread criticisms and rejections leave them wondering whether it is worth the effort. Ultimately, changemakers question themselves, their work, and their purpose.

There is a great need for creating supportive structures and effective resources that foster cultures of wellbeing in changemakers and their organisations. Recipes for Wellbeing enables changemakers to flourish in their work and lives, so that they may better capture opportunities, persevere through challenges, and fulfill their potential.

A beautiful mind- and heart- opening experience. This retreat was a wonderful way to connect with what’s meaningful and important to me, and to learn more about myself and others. It was a deeply rejuvenating experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to live a meaningful, purposeful and intentional life. Or anyone, really! (Noha Mahdi, The Mawada Project and Ras Al Khaimah 2017 participant)